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Upcoming Events

    • 19 Jan 2021
    • (EST)
    • 20 Jan 2021
    • (EST)
    • Virtual/Online

    It has become a tradition over the last several years for us to do service projects in conjunction with the ETDA Summit.  These reflect the values and activism that characterize the ETDA and its members. 

    Now we launch into new territory by providing service despite the restrictions of the pandemic.  We will volunteer remotely via the internet. 

    Our service work will be online facilitation of training, strategic planning, or team building with interested non-profits.  We will volunteer our services in increments of 2-4 hours on your choice of either:  January 19-20; or only January 20.

    To participate:

    • complete this online registration by December 10th by clicking on the blue "Register" button on this page.  Be sure to choose your registration option -- one is for Jan 19 and 20th, and the other is Jan 20th ONLY.  
    • send $25 registration fee (plus any additional donation), along with this registration form  with a check made out to:

    Unlimited Possibilities

    PO Box 635

    Milton, NH 03851

    For efficiency, we are keeping the service registration separate from conference registration.  We will have an online prep meeting the week of January 4.

    The $25 registration fee is required, and entitles you to participate in nominating candidates to receive a portion of our service fund to further social and environmental justice causes.  On the morning of Thursday, Jan 21, prior to start of The Summit, we will meet online and decide which candidates will receive donations and in what amounts.

    Please note, there are two registration options:  

    Jan 19 and 20: I want to be part of a team to deliver an online program for a non-profit organization in need for 2 to 4 hours on Tuesday, January 19 and Wednesday, January 20 (exact time TBD by volunteers in early January)

    Jan 20th only:  I want to be part of a team to deliver an online program for a non-profit on Wednesday, January 20 only (exact time TBD by volunteers in early January)

    Participants also have the option to supplement the $1000 that Unlimited Possibilities has committed to augment the service fund is.  Please note the additional amount you are donating on your sign up form.  



    • 21 Jan 2021
    • (EST)
    • 23 Jan 2021
    • (EST)
    • Virtual

    ETDA Annual Summit

    Virtual for 2021

    Here Be Dragons with Dr. Michael Broom

    The Summit Committee is excited to bring you this year’s ETDA Annual Summit 2021 with Dr.  Michael Broom.   You won't want to miss this exciting and highly interactive virtual event!  

    When and Where:

    • The Summit officially kicks off on Thursday, January 21, 2021, and concludes Saturday, January 23rd after evening closing celebration.
    • Links to the Virtual Summit will be provided ahead of time.

    Registration Includes:

    • FUN and CONNECTION with your ETDA colleagues and friends
    • A box of magic by mail, which you will receive ahead of the Summit
    • The wisdom of keynote speaker Michael Broom, who will speak on magic, power, and possibility.
    • Fireside chats, including a surprise guest who has their Dragon Power GOIN’ ON.
    • Engaging Presentations, including:
    • Dragon Tales: Member Presentations**
    • Let’s roll in the DeEP -- Talking global responsibility!
    • Working with Fear: You, your clients, the world in which we live.

    Also featuring:

    • Business Development & Business Meeting
    • Coaching Circles
    • Clusters, for those who feel they can attend from a common location
    • Always open hospitality virtual room
    • Technical tutoring pre-session for those who want it AND, the committee is planning for your navigation ease! 

     **Ready to share some of your magic?!  We are seeking more members to present their very own Dragon Tales.  If you have a presentation you’d like to share, please contact Betsey Upchurch at betsey@p4consult.com.  

    Member Registration Dates and Fees:

    • Total registration is $400, and for each member, ETDA will cover $200 of that cost.  Therefore, cost to YOU is $200. 
    • We want you there, appreciate that you'll pay what you can, to a minimum of $100.  
    • If your circumstances allow, please consider paying the full $400, or closer to it.  This will offset the financial needs of a fellow ETDA member. 
    • If you would like to pay anything other than $200, please contact Bea for a different invoice at bea@etdalliance.com or 607-351-8399.
    • For this very special year, room and board is free, and this will be a members only event (no guests, please).  
    • More info on the 2021 Summit Service Project found here!



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